Monday, November 22, 2010

my (so called) list

Oops before I got going on the list, on the way to the store I had a blow out
spent the afternoon in the Car dealers getting new tires
1.Make cranberry relish on Monday
this will be done Monday night 
2,Launder all linens
3.Put clean sheets on all beds
Do this on Tuesday
4.Scrub kitchen and bathrooms
5.Add leaves to dining room table
6.start making pies
7.Wash good china and crystal 
8.set table
9.get Turkey out of the freezer on Tuesday
10.make jello salads
11.Check menu for items I might need
Finish shopping
make cheeseballs
bake with Tommy and Tillie
fix drooping curtain in family room
  get more candles
pause to listen
sound of silence
go out and look at the moon
the whole family is coming 
for Thanksgiving dinner
I am stressed blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving 
have a wonderful week
with love and gratitude
to you all.


  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU TO GEMMA, just in case I can't get back to you. Sounds like it will be wonderful for you and yay for familia.

  2. Turkey is in fridge since Sunday night...pies tomorrow, turkey Thursday...blessed, too!