Saturday, September 4, 2010

Making Bird Shadows field guide

Inspiration Avenue Finders keepers  
My life has been blessed. 
Many a good thing has come my way, 
but none so great as when I found my field guide to 
Making Bird Shadows.*

Some notes from the guide:
~Go outside in the sun
~spread your wings
~jump up
~tip one wing to touch  it's shadow
~flap wings
~keep jumping and flapping
~and other things that I like ...

Practice flight!

* OK so I just found the little drawing I had amongst my stuff


  1. That is beautiful gemma. Kind of reminds me of how Karin paints. Great job.

  2. Pure joy! And I sure love this blog layout. Uh oh. I might have to change my blog again...

  3. Love this! What an original and beautiful take on the theme!

  4. Beautiful the second one!

  5. They are beautiful. See? You ARE supernatural!

  6. oh I love them! the sketchbook definitely holds so much more than pictures right? It was the time when you needed to remind yourself of those very things you jotted down. So nice that they can encourage others as well

  7. You know I'm lovin' it that you can fly! xoxo

  8. It's amazing how so many people interpreted this theme so differently. I love that you found Making Bird Shadows and chose to spotlight it. Your drawings are inspirational.