Saturday, August 14, 2010

icons vs tv

All day today we moved furniture. We rearranged our things, and we rearranged our feelings.We put the house upside down, and said a few choice words. We took things down then moved them all around.
WHY? All in the name of a TV.  It's almost football season and we must have a big giant TV right?
Yeah that's right! It is here. The only place it fits really is the place I used to keep my collection of crosses.
There are a bunch of them over there on the table.

Today all I wanted to do was make some art.....
My art is a pile of icons. My hope for Inspiration Avenue this week.
All is forgiven there is still hope :-)
shrine at Xavier del Bac


  1. Gemma, those are some really gorgeous pieces!

  2. say

    are you

    REALLY coming to florida
    in the spring?


    was just wondering.........

  3. oh I did not know that you collected crosses..
    same tribe of course !!
    and that collection of icons = my kind of Heaven.. Villa Maria is slowly becoming a shrine..

  4. 'Course, me being me, just had to laugh at the image of the words flying over the tv. Sounds like typical married life at times. Lovely crosses, Gemma!

  5. Gemma! These are all so super beautiful! It is wonderful to collect treasures and enjoy thier special beauty! I love statues and crosses too...they have their own special qualities and powers to them! Wonderful!!
    Have a sparkling day!

    and thankyou for your lovely words you letft for me..super appreciated!

  6. I'm sorry about the inconvenience caused by a t.v. My sister's husband is the same way about football season. I was lamenting that this sport is a kind of holy of holies to some men, and F. carefully explained to me that if we lived in Europe, he'd been acting the same way about soccer (or the real football, as he calls it). ;)

    (Of course, we no longer have a t.v. so it's a moot point, hehe.)

    Lovely collection, Gemma.

  7. Well we have a couple of football mad beings in this house too (soccer). The Premiership started yesterday and boyfriend's team play their first match in 22 minutes. He is already on the sofa ready, remote control to hand and 42 inch TV blaring out!

  8. LOL Have been there done that, shrine to the tv at FB season, same with the backyard grill just outside the door to the tv room at FB season, same with the cooler full of Bud at FB season... guys over that are not usually there except at FB season, some with boring wives that don't paint or cut paper and don't know what glue is.Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa I dont live there any more! DH is NOT a sport fan. I've been blessed, finally! Love, Zorro


  9. Ooh what an amazing collection - beautiful and fascinating!

    P.S. - Plus point of footie season starting - more undisturbed time to do art stuff!