Monday, July 5, 2010

El Conquistador

The best Simple pleasure of Summer 2010
~Watching both sunrise and moonrise over this peaceful mountain~
edited to note:Too bad that's not the view from my yard. We stayed @ El Conquistador when we were in Tuscon visiting San Xavier del Bac.


  1. That's beautiful. Are you telling me you are very near to that mountain? How lucky if you are able to see the sunrise and moonrise. Very nice. Have a great Tuesday gemma. Take care.

  2. I very occasionally see the same thing. The vista isn't nearly so wonderful.

  3. see? this is how I wish to be.. peaceful & spiritual. I live in a most beautifully sacred part of the world.. but I rush through life like I must get it all done..
    you on the other hand.. take time.. I love that ! you are my balancer - thankyou ox
    [do you go by yourself? cause I am afraid to do that.. so I don't go :( ]

  4. Oh, how beautiful! You live a joy-filled life, Gemma. :)

  5. And clouds! Look at those gathering thunderheads! Must be monsoon season for you, yes? Beautiful photo and thoughts, Gemma.

  6. Do you ever think about how many others looked at that mountain in its lifetime?
    What those people were thinking...feeling?
    Or is it just me?

  7. Beautiful picture. Wouldn't it be great if it was the view from your yard!

    I love the mountains. Maybe because I was born and raised on the flat lands of Illinois. Once I got a look at the mountains our west I was a goner!