Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes outings with my grandsons Tommy and Tristan are a slug fest.
In the car they want to play "Blue one" which means they can slug each other every time they see a blue car. We'll shout "blue one" and then slug bug.
Ever notice how many blue cars are on the road?
After slapping each other around this morning we went for ice cream.We stopped in at Cold Stone Creamery. Tris had a large cone with gummy bears and spinkles, I had a Mango smoothie,
Tommy had berry yogurt....a blue one.


  1. That is so funny. These kids play "Punch Buggy no return" which means every time they see a Volkswagen you get slugged. When Banna was smaller anything that REMOTELY looked like a VW got you slugged. Love Hugs and Blessings

  2. Our kids used to play a similar game. {I'm sure it will never end, generation after generation!)
    Ice cream is a good way to cool things down!

  3. Kids will be kids. I forgot what it's like being a kid....maybe if I think about it, it will come back to me. How fun that you and your grandchildren are having fun. Enjoy.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and for the Birthday wish- it means a lot when someone takes the time to leave a comment. Until recently, my kids also played "Punch Buggy" ... punch buggy blue, punch buggy red, punch buggy convertible, bunch buggy with bra - each with it's own point system-the more unique=the higher number of points. Points would be added up at the end of the drive.

  5. Gemma, I literally burst out laughing with the "After slapping each other around..." line. I watched my grandson do all kinds of silly the other afternoon. Boys are so much fun! I had daughters and my grandkids living with us right now are also girls. I get so tickled with my grandson and his antics!

  6. Mango smoothie...mmm!
    Worth getting slapped around for, figuratively speaking only of course..LOL

  7. Beware...someone is watching you from one of the windows. lol

    My kids and I used to play 'Punch buggy, No return'. It applied any time we saw a VW Beetle bug car and the 'no return'....well, the first one in with a punch could not be punched back.....actually Aaron and I still play it. lol

  8. Mango smoothie - yum! Sounds like fun.

    We play Punch Buggy. Nothing like having a reason to inflict a little pain on those you love. Ha!

  9. I never heard of Punch Buggy. My kids just used to laugh at things, like the exhaust pipe from a semi, the pipe kind on the side of the cab above the roof..the way it pops up and down, they thought that was just soooooooooo funny. ???? I never did get it. Maybe I should have taught them to slap each other around and then go get ice cream?? LOL xoxoxo

  10. Everything blue but NOT this's a happy one!! :)

    I love the blue eye at the ice cream shop...and now I will have to look for more blue cars out there. Hadn't noticed a whole lotta blue, but my kids have played the game with red, and now we know there are lots of red sports cars here in Miami! :)

  11. "After slapping each other around this morning we went for ice cream."
    I laughed out loud! Twice!
    I always wanted to go there and get gummi-bears in white icecream...maybe they serve that in heaven.

  12. Hi, Gemma - Kristen used to do "Slug bug, no returns!" to me in the car. I was busy driving and never noticed them. OW!

    I think I will get a strawberry smoothie here at the library before I leave. Thanks so much for the BD card! I thanked you on my blog too. Will try to get by your blog every few days. Love, Julie