Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old bottle gang

This is the first Week for Wineglass Wednesday.
Started by my friend Lisa Sounds like fun!

Today however I had already drawn/painted the old bottle gang for
Windows to the words REFLECTIONS:
Then I figured, Hey that works.
I've drank wine out of a bottle and even a jug before.
Not lately though...
Have you?


  1. Love this piece Gemma!!! I am a colored glass freak....I've loved it for years!! This is a wonderful colection!! Hmmmm probably drank it on occasion out of the bottle in my youth. I have a glass here and there....less now than ever before.. Still like it, unfortunately it doesn't like me much anymore.....

    Have a great day!!
    Big hugs Giggles

  2. LMAO! Those look like moonshine bottles!
    I love this painting, really looks like glass.
    I'll put you on the link.
    Thanks for playing!

  3. I love colored bottles. I really don't have any right now. I used to have about 10 if different colors but that was decades ago and who knows where they went. Probably to the goodwill. I like that painting, can I have a copy.:) Tee Hee. Have a great day Gemma. I have to try to catch up on posts later tonight. Take care.

  4. I love coloured bottles too and your painting is absolutely lovely, Gemma!

    P.S. - Just letting you know I haven't forgotten you and I'm currently working on your Pay It Forward gift. Thank goodness there wasn't a time limit on it as I've had so many distractions over the past few months but I'm sorry it's taking so long.

  5. Gemma, I remember drinking Boone's Farm Strawberry Wine from a bottle during a picnic on a hot summer's day. Speaking of hot, it's 97 degrees here at 6:30!

  6. Yep, I've drank wine right out of the bottle, too....but it was way back there in my younger days! I love your colored bottles. You captured the look of glass so beautifully.

  7. That painting is so full of bright, quirky personality. Fantastic, Gemma!

    I haven't drunk alcohol directly from the bottle in quite a few years. Mineral water in a big, pale-blue glass bottle, though, bring it on. :)

  8. Its probably been 30 years since I drank direct from the wine bottle! LOLOL I love this piece; those bottle shapes are magnificent! You've captured their translucency beautifully, Gemma!

  9. Such a cheerful painting! I love it. I think I have a collection like that somewhere. :)
    Thanks for playing along on wine glass Wednesday. Lisa is so fun.
    Drinking out of the too.....Brings back memories.

  10. Yeah I have. Back in the 70's I think. Sitting around in a circle with friends, passing the wine sack (not a bottle) and passing a .....well, that was then. LOL S'wonder with all those lips sharing things, we didn't all get sick. Guess there were not any germs around then. LOVE your colored bottles! xoxo

  11. Oops, that was me posting as ps. Thats what happens when 2 people use 1 computer, and someone doesnt sign out. Well, at least you know it was me and wont have to wonder why ps somebody was giving you xoxoxo. LOL

  12. This piece is would make a fantastic print, matted and framed in a kitchen! I love your work my sweet Gemma....whatever you do has life to it!