Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's just that kind of day

The heat is on.
Too hot really.
No particular place to go,
thinking about and enjoying
a lazy day.

How's your day going?


  1. Oh what a fabulous piece of art, Gemma! This one looks like it just flowed right off your fingertips and just showcases that lazy day, delighting in everything feeling.

  2. Love it, Gemma. I can so resonate to this piece. The heat is on here, too -- been on for a little while now. On Sunday I took a nearly two-hour nap with the shades drawn, listening to the whole world hold its breath until the sun should let us out of its fanatic grip for the evening. :)

    My favorite detail is her drooping, languid eyes. Beautiful!

  3. WoW-zah...great drawing!
    Would you believe it cold and rainy here again!
    I hope this won't be another one of those

    That was NOT me complaining just now, was it?

  4. Need those lazy days...especially when the temp hits over 100˚F!

  5. Love the drawing! It hasn't been too hot here....YET! I know it's coming though.

  6. oh Gemma... I love this. it is like you are looking at our blackbird.. and she is telling you wise secrets only known to our tribe xoxo

  7. ps: sending you some lovely winter cold.. we are wearing long scarves and warm winter woolies.. so hope you can catch those snow flakes that are being sent your way xoxo