Monday, May 24, 2010

Round Robin
Here is a page I did for my friend Lila
She is an artist,a quilter extraoridinare, a dress maker,a homemaker,a chef,
the most Martha like woman I know.
AND she is a personal friend of mine.
For this page I chose images to honor Lila the dressmaker.

Hand sewn page from vintage fashion magazine and some images that look a bit like Lila.
A fun collage. There are other details not shown that I'll save for a surprise.

Also since this is the end of the school year,I am working 24-7 shoveling books in the library. Busier than usual. Stress headaches have plagued me so I've not been a good blog friend lately. Looking forward to having some time off this summer do more ART and have some FUN

I'll come by to visit you all soon.


  1. A most gorgeous page, Gemma, and I am intrigued to see what other little gems you have on it! I get many stress headaches myself so I can only imagine how you are feeling. School will be over soon!!

  2. I think it is perfect for Lila. Love Hugs and Blessings

  3. Hi Gemma :)
    This is a lovely collage! As I was catching up on your posts, I saw the beautiful bird feathers...I've never seen any so colorful...WoW!
    I was laughing...that CAN'T be Judie's last name, can it???
    PS: Thank you for your comment...I feel like you know me :)

  4. A lovely page Gemma.
    I think Lila will love it.
    Try not to let the headaches get to you,
    just think of those lazy summer days waiting ahead..

  5. Gemma, I know Lila will like this. You did her justice!

    Soon, soon, you will have your vacation!

  6. this is lovely!!!
    i guess i see Lila just like you do: a Martha ;-)
    hugs to you dear Gemma!!!