Thursday, May 6, 2010

Outside my window~the moon

Pondering these words~Julia Cameron was right when she said
"Instead of trying to conquer an art form, think instead of kissing it hello"

On my mind~
Dolphins swimming in oil
Arizona's immigration issue

From the kitchen ~Chocolate


  1. Oh no...dolphins swimming in oil? I hope they move out of that morass.

  2. Beautiful photo! And so much to think about. That oil spill is a huge disaster and seems to only be getting worse.

  3. Chocolate - the great cure-all for weighty issues.

  4. The dolphins image is so dark I could hardly pay attention to the rest. Everyone who agreed with "drill, baby, drill" should be out there on the Gulf Coast doing cleanup this weekend.

    No, I shall not channel angry Meredith. Maybe I need some of that chocolate, too, Gemma.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. gotta pass on the chocolate.. apparently in huge quantities it can contribute to menopausal night sweats - so one small piece a week for me..

    surrounding those dolphins in love xo

  6. see the earth healing blog xo

  7. Hi Gemma. Oh yes the dolphins. You have a lot on your mind. I suggest you have a piece of that chocolate and just let it clear your mind a little. Perhaps, write about it and let your feelings flow, it may help. I think of it too. What can I do? but pray. Take care amiga and have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day or not? I'm sure it applies to you too. Enjoy, relax and drink a glass of nice wine.

  8. I'm just not sure that most people understand the horrific magnitude of the Oil spill. It seems as if they just politely say.. oh my yes the poor dolphins.. the poor birds... Ohh don't dweel on it .. don't watch the news.. WTF ???? sorry ,venting. THis oil thing is killing my soul

  9. Gemma, Kristen got to swim with the dolphins (in clean water) when she was in Cozumel last week. She loved it, but loved swimming with the manatees even more. She said their skin was really rough but they were so gentle!