Saturday, May 15, 2010

An angel in the architecture

We do not grow absolutely, chronologically.
We grow sometimes in one dimension,
and not in another, unevenly.
We grow partially. We are relative.
We are mature in one realm, childish in another.
The past, present and future mingle and pull us
backward, forward,or fix us in the present.
We are made of layers,cells,constellations.
~Anais Nin


  1. Very original submission - I love your angel and the words that inspired it!

  2. A most perfect representation of the poem, Gemma! You always inspire me.

  3. Gemma,
    Very inspiring creation, thanks for sharing your work!!

  4. I love Anais Nin...did you read June and Henry?
    or see the movie? I recommend both.
    Anyway, you can see how much words excite me...and the idea humans, being bits of architecture...Love that concept...something to think about while I fall asleep.
    Not to leave out the artwork...the angel with the layers swirling and her feet firmly planted, like stairs leading to...ah something else to ponder...

  5. Beautiful! Reminds me of some of the pre-raphaelite drawings of Sir Edward Burne-Jones. You are extremely talented, girl!

    St. A. Yes!!! :)

  6. Oh, wow, Gemma. I loved the art (something mystical about that angel, I'm sure of it), and thank you for introducing me to that lovely quote.

  7. I love the construction of the angel ~ built layer upon layer. With her halo the crowning glory!

  8. The layers upon layers in your angel are wonderful and then when you read to accompanying poem- it brings everything together- just fabulous- I LOVE it!

  9. Jealous! I wish I could read a poem and then sit down and make a beautiful drawing to coordinate with it.