Saturday, March 6, 2010

Via Colori festival

Getting started:

Artist next to me with yellow hands

Some of the art:

Mad Hatter


Stacked frames

Here is mine:

Still a work in progress.
Will finish tomorrow....


  1. How fun that art festival looks. I like yours very much. They are all pretty nice. Look forward to seeing the finished product, although it looks pretty good already. Have fun.

  2. Gemma, your piece is gorgeous, I love the checkerboard you added as a border...

  3. Chalkwalks are so fun. Your peacock is awesome. You look so happy drawing in the sunshine. xoxoxo

  4. Gemma, you are just so cute! Now I can put a face to the woman who goes around her living room without stepping on the floor! (LOL - I remember you saying you once were walking on your couch.) I love all of the artwork. That young girl doing the MadHatter is fabulous! I love your peacock too. Such beautiful birds and you've captured their beautiful elegance.

  5. oH you ♥

    so very good
    with the chalk there, missy!


    l o v i n g ♥
    this posting
    and your smile!

  6. Wow, Gemma....that looks like such fun! And you look cute in your hat!! The peacock is beautiful....and I also like the Namaste.

  7. Your bag sitting there by the checkerboard is a nice touch! Lovely.

    This coincides nicely with the Holi festival (of color) in India.

  8. look at you sitting there Miss Gemma ~ love it !! xoxo

  9. Gemma, You beautiful woman, you. I love your peacock. I like some of the others too but not the Mad Hatter. It freaks me out. But then again all Tim Burton's stuff freaks me out. I am so glad you took a picture in case the rain washed it all away.

    Love, Me

  10. You look so lovely and happy, Gemma! Your peacock is looking fabulous too. What a fun day for all the artists as well as the onlookers. I hope you will share more pics over the coming days.

  11. gemma! how fun!! sidewalk chalk and sunshine! two of my fav things! you look like you're having so much fun... can't wait to see your peacock when you're through... your lovely day has made me smile! thanks for sharing...

  12. This looks like soooo much fun!!! Love the peacock :-) and the cover of your book. Great idea using the jeans...
    We had our first nice, warm day in NY yesterday.. finally!

  13. Beautiful, Gemma -
    Love the peacock!

  14. Thank you for sharing! The peacock is very pretty!

  15. LOve you in the hat!!!
    The peacock is a wonderful mural idea!
    [Reminds me of "Half Broke Horses"!