Sunday, January 31, 2010


Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth. And that is not speaking.....Naomi Wolfe

Listening to jazz on a Sunday morning.
Queen Latifah is singing Poetry Man.
The day starts right.
Maybe I can make some art today.
Maybe go to the books are due.
What kind of bibliophile geek works in a library all week
then spends time in a library on the weekend?
That's right.
I'm one.

I have a need for oxygen.
Wildman Lee is FUMAR in my house.
Throw open the windows!!!!
Once he was my poetry man.
He is not anymore....but those years of devotion
make him my man regardless of smoke screen.

Arizona's beautiful winter has arrived.
Time in nature would get me right;
Gardening,putzing around the yard,
a long rambling walk perhaps.

One way or another
I will enjoy my moments.
By myself...
I'll stop briefly,
take pauses,
just be.

What is true for you today?


  1. What's true for me is what I just posted on my blog. Not as interesting as your's, but it's mine. I love your intensity of words and feeling. You're my kind of amiga. Have a great week. I still like your shoes. hehehe.

  2. what is true for me today? hmmmm.. the deep emptiness of soul.. but I know that this too, shall pass.
    enjoy the beautiful winter xoxo

  3. Gosh, Gemma...I find myself inside your head this morning. An odd sensation, but I love your thoughts!

  4. I love your expression of thoughts today..what is true for me today is how wonderful and perfect this body of mine is for me. How it has weathered the many abuses the medical team has put it through in order to get me to a place of wellness and today I honour my body and each and every cell within because today I feel reborn! I am kind to my body and respect it in a way that I have never before!My body my temple.
    love and light aNNa xo

  5. i am borrowing your words and say is pause
    i should add silence too.
    hugs to you dear!