Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Often I am surprised by things I find in my art....
The other day I did a quick and dirty collage.
By that I mean; Set the timer for a couple of minutes,
grab a magazine/newspaper that's interesting
and quickly tear out images that speak to you.
No neat cutting allowed....no time to arrange a composition.
Just rip and paste in an intuitive way.

Working quickly this was my result:

After studying the piece to see whatI could find,
I was stunned to see the continuity of the woman's arm's to the hands below.
Also noticed the nude body on the fan....her mid section perhaps.
Bits and pieces tried to produce a total woman.
The spiral shape always fascinates me.
Here it reminds me that art is not linear....

My muse speaks even when I am unaware.


  1. Oh, Gemma, she's lovely!! You know I love working intuitively like that -- it is always so fun to discover what came from ?? spirit? subconscious? Lovely lovely piece you did here!!

  2. Can you please send your muse over to visit with me, Gemma? I too caught the extension of the arms and thought that was rather cool!!

  3. Fantastic collage. It speaks volumes.

  4. I like the collage very much Gemma. I grabbed a canvas last night and would you believe, I too grabbed newspaper, nice wrapping paper and other "things" and started to work on a collage. I'm not good at doing this, so we'll see what comes of it. I love the way the hands are and it's very interesting how collages come to be. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Love the arms and spiral, the fan to speaks of a folded up body/sexuality unfurling to me, but what do I know.

  6. so very gorgeous Gemma
    our highest evolved spirits speak through us constantly, don't they?

  7. I tend to use the spiral quite often in my art. I also have plans to have a small spiral tattoo one day.

  8. It flows together beautifully. It makes me think of Soul Collage cards.
    I think the spiral is onsidered a sacred symbol in many cultures - perhaps because it's in our very DNA...

  9. oh, I like the idea to create art like that/ the exercise very, very much. Must try it soon. And the muse has certainly kissed you, it's really wonderful.

    The muse, the genie visiting according to Elizabeth Gilbert, I only posted about that on my blog, yesterday!

    It's beautiful genie, muse, Gemma!

  10. Oh, this is wonderful! It's either your muse or your inner mind. I am in awe of what my inner mind produces for me in my dreams. "Quick and dirty". I thought that was just a phrase we reporters use for a story that has to be pushed out right away.

  11. A wonderful result - maybe I'll try it some time though the results will be as good.