Saturday, January 23, 2010


A children's book review
Working in an elementary school library I get a chance to read a variety of children's literature. Catwings by Ursula K. LeGuin with Illustrations by S.D.Schindler is so cute. I want to share it here.

'There is something special about these four kittens.....'

Mrs. Tabby could not explain why her children had wings.
"Their father must be a fly-by-night", an unplesant neighbor had said.
But for Mrs. Tabby it meant that her dreams for her kittens would someday come true.
They lived behind a dumpster in a terrible neighborhood...

The day came when these delightful kittens could fly away from the dangerous city slum and find a safer place to live.

What will happen to the four kittens in the woods...?
After many frightening experiences the kittens make friends
with humans Hank and Susan, who fix up an old barn for them.

A completely precious book for a cat lover like me.

" A captivating Fantasy...."
-starred review
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books


  1. Such creative imagination! Such illustrations! Oh I love love love pen and ink, especially with a bit of subtle color.

    It sounds like a sweet story for these days.

  2. Such a lovely book! Did one of the kittens happen to be named Sassy? :)

  3. wowoow...

    working in a library myself
    i enjoy children's book, too.


    going now to POP over
    and see
    we have this one...

    i love this part---->
    "Their father must be a fly-by-night"

  4. Sounds like such a nice book and beautifully illustrated ~ :)

  5. I love the illustrations and can you imagine, a cat having wings? I would love my family pet members to all have wings. I would love to have wings too. :) Have a great weekend.

  6. Aw, that's so darling. I'll have to check it out soon. I didn't realize Ursula K. LeGuin wrote children's books, as well. I bet the story is fantastic, knowing her other works. The illustrations are superb!

    Thanks for the recommendation, gemma. :)

  7. My chap is Pandurangan Pillai PhD Pandu for short, yes he is a professor of physics, teaches me a thing or two, six months old and already he is picking up fights with other cats in the neighbourhood. Introduced him to my blog friends a couple of months ago.

    oh the illustrations are lovely, the book must be a delight for all cat lovers. scary for those who don't love cats.

    Hi Gemma !

  8. The illustrations are wonderful! Oh look at those little darlings with their wings. I'm happy to hear that they did find a good home.

  9. Sounds like a really cool story! and the art is awesome!

  10. I love the soaring imagination! I am intrigued, Gemma!!

  11. I've not seen that book. The illustrations are so nice aren't they? Now I'll look for it.

  12. As an adult I am in no way opposed to dipping into a children's book now and then. Of course, I had lots of chances when Kristen was small. When I was in college and under a lot of pressure I would sometimes go to the library, take "A Secret Garden" off the shelf and lose myself in England for a while. Sometimes I would accompany my roommate, a library science major, to the "kiddy" lit library and have a good browse. I must find "Catwings", if only at B&N.

  13. I love children's literature and am so glad you are working in the school library these days!Thabnks for reminding me to browse the children and young people's books for more good reading!

  14. I like aything by Ursula le Guin

  15. Thanks for sharing that lovely book. The story is sweet and the artwork is awesome. I used to work in a senior high school library...not NEARLY as much fun as yours. No good books like that!